Some of the best images I have captured since I began my journey as a landscape photographer.

Mountain touches water

Oeschinensee Lake, Kandersteg.

Crocus in Emmental

Crocus flowers on top of Rämisgummen.

Callanish stones II

Spectacular sunset at these standing stones.

Guardian of the mediaeval town of Murten

Silhouette of trees

North-eastern Swiss countryside.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Surreal Glacier Lagoon.

Portrait view from Haute Nendaz

Waiting time to get this cloud to position itself.

Portrait view of the Collégiale

Collégiale de Neuchâtel and its lake.

La Tène

Subtle summer lakescape.

Sun flare at this amazing blue lake

Blausee, a small lake in Bernese Oberland.

Sunset in Norderney

Sun touches water

Dalbeg beach in Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Mist is taking over the forest

Dramatic mood brought by the mist at the edge of the woods.

Sunset at Dalbeg beach, Isle of Lewis

Fragile coastline as part of the sand structure in the foreground tumbled, during the exposure.

Blackhouses in Isle of Lewis

Gearrannan Black House Village in undiscovered Scotland.

Luskentyre Beach

Time stopped on Isle of Harris.

Oeschinensee: Boat

Stitched from 6 photos, a panorama of this gorgeous lake.

A walk at the beach

A relax walk among friends during sunset.

Mist over Ile de St-Pierre

The green tree

A gorgeous tree which is still holding his green trees at this time of the year.

Reflection of sunlight hitting the mountains

A frozen Oeschinensee lake.

Light breaks in to Achmore.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Myvatn: Life on Mars

Calm and serene end of the day by the seaside


Vintage indian summer.