Sunset on the agricultural village

It is so calm after all the farmers returned home with their tractors.

Protected vegetables

Whether it is summer or winter, Kerzers produces its vegetables.

Invisible train station

Kerzers is well connected by rail transport.

Tracktor: Robot versus vegetables

Fuel saving. Leave the tracktor on the work place.

Waves on a usually calm lake

Pastel green midday

The drowning wind surfer

Lake surfing

Luxury sailing boat

The romance and elegance of a fine sailing yacht with the space and comfort of a gorgeous lake.

Staubbach falls

The second highest waterfall in Switzerland with a height of 297m.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Staubbach falls

Path to the waterfall

Under heavy snow storm, the waterfall is a few steps further.

Staubbach falls - Close up

Sandy beach

A stroll on the beach with clear sky and white sand - a dream vacation.

Forest view

Landscape with mountain view

A clear view without any boat to disturb the natural beauty of this area.


A classic painting of the shore.

Sharp horizon


Earth is moving ...

Come to life

Winter is over. Spring is here.

State of our net neutrality in 2017.

In between two villages