Contest: Made it into the Jury's selections

This photo made it though the Jury's selection of the 2016 Amateur Photo Contest of La Tène, Switzerland for the theme "Paysages Lacustres" (Lakescape).

Le reflet de la lune pendant l'heure bleuePaysages Lacustres - Le reflet de la lune pendant l'heure bleue
About the photo contest:
This photo contest (website) was organized by La Tène village council to collect some photographs which they can ultimately use on their website and other promotional activities. It was meant only for amateur photographers and three themes were defined.
There were 39 participants and over 200 photographs were submitted.

A snapshot of one of the Jury's selection boardsMy photo of "Le reflet de la lune pendant l'heure bleue" among the Jury's selection

The 3 photos I have submitted for this photo contest are:

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