The First shot

That morning, it wass very cloudy, cold and quite dark as well. It’s already been couple of weeks since my last vlog.

My second daughter was born six weeks ago and I was also very busy with work. Hence I have not been outside with the camera. So much, that today I was desperate I need to capture something. I was not after any award winning photo. It was about getting the gears out and get the first shot out of the way.

My first shot is always meant to break the ice and to get the creativity factory up and running. I’ve never been here before, so I’m not expecting anything. But I am keen to find some compositions for some future shots. It still needed a week or two to get its autumnal peak. What do we have here?

The first image of every trip always goes into my photo of the location box. Only after capturing that first time, I can restore calm, relax and take my time to wander about in search for more compositions. After then, I can become more creative and it becomes fun too. The leaves were still green, but there are some yellow hot spots which gave some decent images.