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Office on Mars

I came back from my last trip to Iceland with some unreal images which made me want to assemble them into a photo story. Entitled "Office on Mars", simply to bridge my engineering job and landscape photography, the story is about someone who went to an occupied era of Mars for scientific research.

Stone wall

Cliff touches water

It was the last cold morning as spring makes it way in. After a bit of hike along the river Saane, I came to this beautify location which remained me a lot of this image I captured at Oeschinensee.

Mountain touches waterOeschinensee Lake, Kandersteg.

This time, I wanted to keep some details on the river and capture this not-so-famous location battered through various seasons.

The Print Series : Part 1 : Exploding Hill

The print looks stunning in 40x30 fujicolor digital paper. Taken last February, I spent the month of March working on preparing prints and evaluating different printing papers.

This image entitled "Exploding Hill" is the first image to kick of this 7 blog series. The challenges to print this image were to ensure the dynamic range and image stability for display. Inspecting this print required a color temperature of 5000±300 Kelvin, illumination of 500 Lux and general color rendering iindex of Ra 90 or more.

Hill exploses

While it was very cold, I knew I had to swallow it and head outside to enjoy this wonderful sunset along the lake of Neuchâtel. I came back home with the above image which could become my best image of the month.

On the way back, the colours were still present on the clouds and captured the last image of the day. It was featured on the instagram page of Jura3Lacs tourism office.

Experimenting with Hi-Key

Today, I started experimenting Hi Key with this composition. But the blue sky vanished and mist came in.

Furthermore, I "simplified" the texture on the lake water and revised the aspect ratio to 8x10 to eliminate extra distraction, while preserving some definition in the sky.

Ultimately, I got sidetracked from the original objective. I became so obsessed to protect the clouds. I previsualized the composition in black and white, which I genuinely believe that from one single exposure (no bracketing) I could to extract the tiny silhouette of Mont Vully.

January floods

January floodsA snapshot of the small flood we had in January 2018

It rained a lot during the first three weeks of January. But that was not the reason I did not shoot anything good enough since the beginning of this year. Instead, the municipalities are cutting branches off trees and cleaning the forests. The forests now seem to be battered like an egg yolk when baking.

It was so uninspiring to do any woodland photography in this local area. The shores of Lake Neuchâtel is the only go-to place for the moment. It rained a lot and the footpaths to the lake are very muddy and at times dangerous.

The image above captured half of this story.

Three rocks

Three mountains and three rocks

This composition was supposed to be a derivative of another image I took last year. Initially, I wanted a composition which could top that 2017's image. But the weather conditions were different.

While both were taken in January but a year apart, the 2017's image below was taken under somewhat ideal condition. It was freezing, cold and very windy compared to the image I took yesterday. This made the 2017's image very attractive and balanced as well.

A cold windy day by the lakeLake Neuchâtel's shores were frozen.

The First shot

That morning, it wass very cloudy, cold and quite dark as well. It’s already been couple of weeks since my last vlog.

My second daughter was born six weeks ago and I was also very busy with work. Hence I have not been outside with the camera. So much, that today I was desperate I need to capture something. I was not after any award winning photo. It was about getting the gears out and get the first shot out of the way.

My first shot is always meant to break the ice and to get the creativity factory up and running. I’ve never been here before, so I’m not expecting anything. But I am keen to find some compositions for some future shots. It still needed a week or two to get its autumnal peak. What do we have here?

The first image of every trip always goes into my photo of the location box. Only after capturing that first time, I can restore calm, relax and take my time to wander about in search for more compositions. After then, I can become more creative and it becomes fun too. The leaves were still green, but there are some yellow hot spots which gave some decent images.

Half tree

Half tree

Finally it is below freezing point. Winter is here and so is frost.

This is another tree I walked passed several times this year, but never managed to isolate the tree from the background. However, today I felt the composition and colours were just right. It seemed that the story of this tree can not be told without its environment. Hence, I went for a painting-like image.

Vertical stems

Vertical stems which nature depends upon.

Some things change and some things do not change as we hop from one season to another.

The atmosphere in the woods today felt like winter is knocking on the door. The leaves would soon lose their strength and will turn brown. But the tree trunks will hold tight and firm. Mist is gaining ground and soon, these trees will turn into monochrome.

This image is a tribute to these vertical stems which help nature to regenerate and feed an ecosystem we all depend upon.


A curved look shape tree with yellow leaves
Today, I had nothing in particular in mind while walking in the woods, except looking for some "autumn" opportunities. I passed by this curved looking shape tree with yellow leaves several times in the past. But I never quite managed to photograph it, the way I would like.
It was cloudy and 4 degrees celcious outside. Light was scarce and I was hoping for some mist to spice up the scene. In this part of the forest, there were only some hotspots of trees which had yellow leaves. The rest are still green. It appeared that these yellow leaves are hiding and soon "hidden" became the title of this set of photos.
A lost path
A hidden shed

One forest path

In this post, I'll show two different angles from the same location as the one both.

Near the river Aare

Autumn is here already. My second daughter was born this month and for about a month I didn't go out without this little darling.

Autumn is the time of the year I do the opposite of what I normally shoot with lots of the negative space. In the next couple of posts, I'll be photographing a rural woodland. But these photos on this post, were taken during a small walk along the river Aare with the family.

Greens turn yellow and red is the defining character of autumn. It was quite nice to go out after the photography drought of last month.

Sunrise over Bern Countryside

This video is about location scouting on the bank of river Aare, Bern.

It is actually another proof to shoot local.

The little red bridge

A gorgeous red bridge over the river Aare

My search for new locations for landscape photography continues. This morning I hiked up to another cliff. But it was far too hazy to shoot the sunrise.

A little fog started to form near a red bridge which suddenly caught my attention.

A portrait shot of the Aare region

Sunrise of the River Aare

At this location, the portrait orientation seemed to be the right way to shoot this river.

Today, I woke up at 4 am to go up the cliff to photoshoot the Aare river. I was very nervous at it was the first time I came to this location. But it turned out to be fantastic during the sunrise.

Mont Vully Sunrise

A lovely morning on top of Mont Vully became the highlight of the day. The colours on the sky was so vibrant coupled with this beautiful view it is simply gorgeous.