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  1. I am having this exact error in Fedora 8 for a third party application (cadence) and have the package (plus many other font packages) you suggest installed. I also tried starting xfs, which does not seem to help. Any ideas on further things to try?


  2. OK I did the following:

    1) FC-8 fresh installation on my laptop an ASPIRE 7520G. Everything was smooth and nice even wireless card was supported my EOS Ditial Rebel XT as well (in windoze it needs various canon proprietary drivers)

    Mind you I clicked on added repos and various scientific software included ex octave/gnu-eda

    Greek language support was installed (south european support might have an effect on the font library selection)

    2) yum update

    3) IC_5.1.41-USR2 tared from a CENTos installation

    icfb NOT WORKING due to the missing fonts.

    Logged on another CENTos 4.5 WITH Cadence installed in it and ssh-X to my laptop CADENCE WORKED FINE (thus it is a font issue as was expected)

    Did the following:

    1)Run Add/Remove software (when connected to the net and added repos)
    2)searched for x11-fonts and installed EVERYTHING (icfb still not running)
    3)yum install xfs (2 packets were istalled icfb still not running)


    5) yum remov xfs (one packet was removed only, the lib files remained—there could be x11-fonts included in there?)

    6) Various obviously not needed x11-fonts not personally needed for Welsh / Turkish / Syrian / Ethiopian support removed

    icfb still RUNNING!

  3. I had this error with Fedora 10. I did what you recommended, but I only installed the ISO 75dpi fonts. Cadence works now 🙂
    no reboot was needed.


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