Xuropa offers FEL free exhibition space

Fedora, since day one, has brought innovation in various ways to the opensource software ecosystem.

This week, we have opened an Online Booth at Xuropa to strengthen the opensource hardware design community.

Xuropa is a new company focussing on building an online EDA community around commercial and opensource EDA tools. With its platform, the community can evaluate different tools, give presentations about one’s EDA software and identify the most appropriate software for his/her design methodology.

Xuropa founder, James Colgan, offered us the Online Booth for free, meanwhile they setup the Online Lab. Xuropa and FEL both shared a common vision on strengthening EDA community in terms of marketing, trials, communication and networking. Though Xuropa was recently opened last september, I believe that, from a top-level point of view, the current EDA industry needs such infrastructure to build up a worldwide EDA community, rather than a community with big names only.

I invite you to visit our Online booth and promote opensource EDA software through this booth.

For some reason, FEL got lined up aside Cadence 🙂

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