FEL: OVM entrance frozen by FESCo

FESCo froze OVM’s entry to Fedora repositories due to lack of opensource tools to interpret OVM. I have sent a long mail describing that the arguments:

  • “this means asking user to use proprietary software”
  • “does not provide OS user experience”

are useless and they both aren’t true in the case of OVM. ASIC designers also make use of home grown scripts, by the way it is a must.

Mike Mintz wants us to participate in his poll. Some current metrics at 23h11 04/02/09 Brussels with 119 participants:

  • OVM : 75
  • VMM : 37
  • SystemVerilog : 49
  • Home Grown: 22

While I suspect that currently most participants are Cadence or MentorGraphics customers, I am rather interested in those home grown verification methodologies. I would like to know more about their features and what they bring in terms of time-effective and interoperability.

I have also reminded the fedora community about FEL’s commitment and that FEL is bridging two different communities with different targets but with opensource software. It is important that lack of information doesn’t refrain progress to be made in such innovative environment Fedora is in.

Fedora Users can download OVM’s rpm from here (source rpm also included).

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  1. Mike Mintz is a good guy, especially since he open sourced his Teal / Truss class libraries before Mentor and Cadence made it “all the rage”. Ahead of his time.

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