click on this link, and the next, next finally outdated

While google remembers everything, some people keep on added links on their wiki pages to other pages which eventually points to another url. In the end, when someone finally finds the targeted page, that particular page

  • is ugly
  • contains outdated materials
  • contains materials which is either irrelevant or does not reflect the goals of the initial page
  • does not longer exist

There is nevertheless similarity: No one cares to think before creating a link as long as the material is reaching someone.

Tonight, I was reading some publications from National Instruments and Mentor Graphics. I was pleased to have well presented material exposed professionally. National Instruments’s publications had a lot of beautiful photos and Mentor Graphics’ had plain text with beautiful and simple flowcharts. It is not only pleasing to read, but also feels good to hand over those publications.

I’ve quickly gone through google to inspect some technical notes or application notes on opensource projects. I feel the “geek touch” which reading the publications. What is also horrible to my point of view there is no common layout/screenshots/structure on the publications with respect to the host project.

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