[interview] : Open source EDA software defeats Lock-in

Peggy Aycinena interviewed me on opensource EDA, which she published on edadesignline.

Open source EDA software defeats Lock-in—Dream on

Also this week, Ann Rein shared with us that her team is evaluating Fedora Electronic Lab at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico under 10 machines.

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  1. I think this “complementing” nonsense is really counterproductive. We can only count something as a success if the ENTIRE design of the hardware was done using ONLY Free Software, not if some Free tools were used as part of a chain of mostly proprietary tools.

  2. Kevin,

    We don’t have all the opensource tools to actually completely tapeout a project. And certainly do not have a high-end research facility to study the properties of silicon or any other materials at submicron levels, so that we can port them back into the EDA tools.

    With only me pushing FEL forward, I can’t conquer the whole EDA industry, but focus on thing that matter most. Unless I have 6000 persons working for me with >200 EDA software that are certified for medical, defence, automotive industry,…

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