Power aware synthesis

Tips for power aware synthesis with RTL compiler by using dynamic switching activities from a VCD file.

The testbench must include the following linesĀ  to get all the lower-level signals listed on the VCD

$dumpfile ("test.vcd.gz");
$dumpvars (0, testbench.module_tb);

Synthesis script

set_attr lp_power_analysis_effort medium /
read_vcd test.rtl.vcd.gz -vcd_module $design

# Build detailed power models for more accurate RTL power analysis

build_rtl_power_models -clean_up_netlist -clock_gating_logic
report power -rtl_cross_reference -detail

Leakage power optimization

set_attr max_leakage_power 0.0 /designs/$design

Dynamic power optimization

set_attr max_dynamic_power 0.0 /designs/$design
set_attr lp_power_optimization_weight 0.75 /designs/$design

More activity details can be found on:

rc:/> get_attr -h lp*default* *

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