freecellera as a development platform ?

Came across this tweet:

The website says:


Because requiring $7,500 or $25,000 USD a year per member seems counter to the stated goal, “to develop technology standards that are balanced, open, and benefit the worldwide electronics industry.” (emphasis added)

We started a public google group. Feel free to subscribe and contribute to the discussion.

The first thought which came into my mind was the early days of Redhat-Fedora spin-off and how we build Fedora Electronic Lab.

Here, in freecellera’s scenario, the community wants to contribute to UVM without having to pay $$$ for participation. Thus leading to the birth of a development platform for community’s UVM.

Thus far, I noticed that the community is lacking a bit of guidance and understanding of how an opensource community works and how to build it. Later during the week, I’ll share some tips to that mailing list.

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