How to install yosys on Fedora 26

Unlike my other posts in the past decade where I referred to install anything from a rpmbuild, today I just want to get the install done and move on. Prequisites for the yosys installation: $ sudo dnf install clang tcl-devel readline-devel libffi-devel mercurial iverilog Yosys build: $ git clone $ cd yosys/ $ make […]

AlexOrr’s first 100 days in formal-land

This weekend, I caught up with a presentation from @AlexOrr of Broadcom in which he talks about his “first 100 days in formal-land”. I wanted to read it for a very long time. After reading the slides offline, I felt that this presentation was worth attending in person. Within those slides, one can feel his […]

reg_hw_reset_seq] Response queue overflow

Encountered the following error message today, while using the pre-defined UVM sequence uvm_reg_hw_reset_seq : UVM_ERROR @ 84050000:[uvm_test_top.m_env.m_core_agent.m_core_sequencer.reg_hw_reset_seq] Response queue overflow, response was dropped This occurred because the driver was sending a sequence response to the sequencer via the seq_item_port. The default size of the response queue between the sequence and driver is 8. When the […]

Active path during register read access

Stumbled into a data corruption during a register read. The adapter’s bus2reg function is called twice during the transaction. This behaviour is correct as the uvm_sequence_items of both the monitor and the driver (REQ) are broadcasted. But the driver should provide the final data for the adapter to translate. *** register read()’s active path: […]

Do not delete Questa’s Excel plugin installer

It caught me by surprise. Questa’s Testplan Tracking Excel plugin installer requires the previously used installer during its update. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even show which version of the installer was previously installed. Thus making hard to first find the correct version of the installed plugin and its installer, prior to the update. Note to self: […]