[FEL]: Verilator bugfix release 3.845

A new Verilator release 3.845 has just been built for Fedora/EPEL repositories, which is an improvement over the previous FEL release of Verilator. Fix nested packed arrays and struct, bug600. [Jeremy Bennett] Packed arrays are now represented as a single linear vector in Verilated models. This may affect packed arrays that are public or accessed […]

FEL at DVClub Bristol, 20 Sep 2010

It is a pleasure to announce Free Electronic Lab and open source EDA is the topic of the DVClub Bristol meeting, 20 September 2010, at 11:30-2PM WEST/BST. The talks will be 12-2PM (7-9AM EDT) via web conference in Bristol, England (Infineon, Great Western Court, Hunts Ground Road, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8HP) Cambridge, England (The ARM […]

FEL: OVM entrance frozen by FESCo

FESCo froze OVM’s entry to Fedora repositories due to lack of opensource tools to interpret OVM. I have sent a long mail describing that the arguments: “this means asking user to use proprietary software” “does not provide OS user experience” are useless and they both aren’t true in the case of OVM. ASIC designers also […]

Thank you, Cadence and Mentor Graphics

Cadence and Mentor Graphics have both announced on the same day (4/12/2008) [1] [2]that Open Verification Methodology is available under the Apache 2 license. While thousands of verification engineers are already using it, now if OVM gets into Fedora repositories, we will be providing industry-class verification tools for our FEL users. OVM is maintained by […]