test or value with args

User defined arguments can be invoked with a verilog simulator. They can be used to simplify the design of models. $test$plusargs is a system function which checks whether a “plus” option was used when simulation was invoked. e.g $test$plusargs (“mem_preload”)) Usage: $ iverilog +mem_preload $value$plusargs is a system function which assigns a value to the […]

Verilog: Bit slicing without constant

A dynamic slicing like the one described below will fail. $display (“%x”,temp[((i+1)*8):i*8]);  Range must be bounded by constant expressions. In Verilog 2005 syntax, this operation can be carried without contants by: $display (“%x”,temp[(i*8) +:8]); 8 is the width of the slice and will be added to i every iteration through the loop.

[FEL]: New stable release of perl-Verilog-Perl

Verilog-Perl 3.314(15926 – the PI version!) is released and pushed to Fedora and EPEL6 testing repositories. Verilog::Language 3.314 2012/02/27 ChangeLog – vhier –forest and –instance. [by John Busco] – Fix expansion of back-slashed escaped macros, bug441. [Alberto Del Rio] – Fix -F relative filename parsing, bug444. [Jeremy Bennett] – Fix c style var array declarations. […]

FEL: Bugfix release of Verilog-Perl 3.303

Minor enhancements : Add vrename –changelang option, to upgrade keywords. [Dan Moore] Add vrename –language option. [Dan Moore] Add Verilog::Language::language_maximum and language_keywords. Fix escaped identifiers that are keywords, bug282. [Dan Moore] Fix preprocessor “ of base define, bug283.  [Usha Priyadharshini] It will soon be among your updates. Special credits go to Veripool. For those in a […]

FEL: Bug fix release of Icarus Verilog 0.9.3

The Icarus Verilog developers are pleased to announce the next stable release in the 0.9 series, version 0.9.3. Icarus Verilog is a mostly complete implementation of the hardware description language Verilog, as described in IEEE Std 1364-2005. It also includes a number of user requested extensions. Icarus Verilog 0.9.3 improves language coverage over the previous […]

FEL: Bugfix release of Perl-Verilog 3.302

Verilog::Language 3.302 was released shortly after 3.300 to fix a few bugs, namely Increase define recursions before error.  [Paul Liu] Fix documentation on verilog_text and link, bug278. [Mike Z] Use Digest::SHA instead of SHA1, bug189.  [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy] Fix false test failure if Math::BigInt not installed. It will soon be among your updates. Special credits go […]

[FEL]: Verilog-Perl 3.300 *Beta1*

We’d like your help to test the next release of Verilog-Perl.  A beta release of the next Verilog-Perl release is available on Rawhide: [sourcecode language=”bash”]$ yum install perl-Verilog-Perl –enablerepo=rawhide[/sourcecode] This version adds support for 99% of the SystemVerilog 2009 standard, and also fixes a number of preprocessor bugs and other issues.  These changes were massive enough that it may have broken […]