Design, simulate, and program electronics.

Fedora’s Electronic Lab is dedicated to support the innovation and development brought by opensource Electronic Design Automation (EDA) community.

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Users are welcome to propose new features and join us during our testing days.

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Fedora Electronic Lab is

  • Fedora’s EDA portfolio.
  • a free and opensource EDA provider and community builder.
  • building a bridge between both free and opensource hardware and software communities.
  • the fruit of the outstanding work done by its respective upstream developers.


  • Deployable in both development and production environments.
  • No kernel patches are required, making it easy to deploy and use.
  • Free and opensource licensed and NO purchase of extra licenses is required to activate its features.


  • ASIC : Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
  • EDA : Electronic Design Automation
  • VLSI : Very Large Scale Integration, about 10⁶ to 10⁷ transistors

Free Electronic Lab (also known as ‘Fedora Electronic Lab‘) strives to provide opensource EDA solutions to

  • long-term entreprise Linux distributions
    e.g RHEL-6 and CentOS-6
  • Fedora Linux

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