database access with dbGet / dbSet

Found this old blog post “A dbGet Code Example” on the Cadence Digital Implementation useful. She described how to place power switch cells using dbGet and dbSet.

It appears that dbGet and dbSet will be my go-to commands on EDI.

I found out that using dbGet.selected.?? could list out not only the values but also the attributes of the selected objects. Thus, making easier to script dbGet one-liners.

reg_hw_reset_seq] Response queue overflow

Encountered the following error message today, while using the pre-defined UVM sequence uvm_reg_hw_reset_seq :

UVM_ERROR @ 84050000:[uvm_test_top.m_env.m_core_agent.m_core_sequencer.reg_hw_reset_seq] Response queue overflow, response was dropped

This occurred because the driver was sending a sequence response to the sequencer via the seq_item_port. The default size of the response queue between the sequence and driver is 8. When the queue is full, it loses the response and generates an error.

The latter can be masked with: